Rainy season seems not over yet in the city of Jakarta, heavy rain still fell every day and almost every minute. To keep my body warm yet stylish in the rainy season I select multiples in minimalist theme as in the collage below. 

Here's items that you need to shine bright under the rain:

I always complement my everyday look with accessories, especially jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and so forth. This time you can see some shiny jewelry at my collage. Yup, they are collection of Brilliant Earth that has made me fall in love when I first saw their collection here. Look at the necklace, that is 18K white gold fairmined bar pendant, I love the modern architectural design of that necklace. Also the 18K white gold luna ring with round shape diamond, oh so pretty. Yes, darling, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Plus, who can resists that 14K rose gold moon stud earrings. I thought they fits in well with my minimalist, no-nonsense elegant style theme.  

Anyway, in case you have another brilliant idea to show your personality, you can create your own jewelry, just go to their website when you are ready to shine bright like a diamond.

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  1. perfect!! :)

  2. kyaaa fall in love with the dress XD

  3. I'm sure you stand out in a wet crowd with that pretty umbrella over your head :).

  4. Love it, :)

    wanna follow each other?thank you, :)

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