So glad glad glad that I found this song by Wanda Jackson on Youtube.

Here I go,
Going down, down, down, 
My mind is a blank,
My head is spinning around and around,
As I go deep into the funnel of love.

It's such a crazy, crazy feeling,
I get weak in the knees,
My poor old head is a reelin',
As I go deep into the funnel of love.

I tried and I tried, to run and hide,
I even tried to run away,
Ya just can't run from the funnel of love, 
It's gonna get ya someday.


I got fever today, just spend my day by sleeping. I feel better tonight and trying to find cool music on Youtube. 'Till I found Funnel of Love by Wanda Jackson. Never heard about her before. All I know now is I'm in love love love with her voice. This song really makes me wanna dance. I feels like a hippie dancing around a campfire with my lovelies in my super long lacey dress and wild flowers crown on my head. Dancing all night under the moonlight, as I go deep into the funnel of love.

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  1. A nice song indeed ( was a hit song over here long time ago). Falling IN love is confusing indeed; but well, only temporary :). After that you're "IN" love or it's over till you fall in love again :)

    By the way I guess "Peace, man" Hippies were not the worst 'creed' seen on the surface of the world...


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