اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

Day 1 // I feel so excited when I woke up in the morning. I'll start my very first day of 30 days challenge buy nothing new but food and bus tickets. I feel pretty confident that I can defeat the challenge. I got everything that I need in my boarding house. I remembered that my cupboard full with clothes, my shoe rack as well, my smartphone credit is full enough, some medicine for influenza and headache, eye drops for dry eyes, ink for my printer is also enough I think, even my feminine pads is more than enough for one month. I know that my external hard disk is kinda broken but I don't think that I am in a rush to buy a new one. I feel superior, I whispered to myself that I can do it. because all the new things that I need to buy this month is just food, food, food, and bus tickets.

I dragged my self to the bathroom and surprised that I ran out of bath soap. Ha! Thank God I have stock for soap in my drawer. I finished with my bath thing, then I found that my deodorant is dried as well. OMG! I thought I failed at my very first day. I dig my drawer and so happy that I found deodorant in my travel pack toiletry pouch.

Day 2 // I survived. Yaay. I did not going anywhere and ate avocados and milk all day. I read in a book that milk actually not a drink milk is food. What do you think?

Day 3 // I realised that I have to pay my rent. I skip it today because I don't know wether paying rent categorised as buying something new or not.

Day 4 // I had to go somewhere with "ojek" (motorcycle with driver for rent). I spent money for it but I did not buy something new, it was like I rent something. Well, I did not mean to give an excuse. I really hope that paying for rent does not make me fail on the challenge.

I went back home late at night after a meeting for some styling projects and stopped by the nearest Seven Eleven to bought a cup of hot drink to accompanying me to walk home. I almost buy a cute black cats sticker set and a magazine thank God I remember that I'm still in the running of my 30 days challenge.

If paying rent for "ojek" is legal, then paying house rent is legal as well? Still thinking about it.

Day 5 and 6 // I survived. Yeah!

Day 7 // I went to dentist to fill my tooth and paid the service. Is it kinda buying something new? I hope it is not categorised as buying something new. But still I spent money for it.

Day 8 // OMG, too many excuses, eh?

Day 9 // I decided to pay my room rent.

Day 10 // Treat myself eating sushi at Sushi Tei Plaza Senayan.

Day 11 // Too busy preparing wardrobes for a fashion photoshoot tomorrow. I did know what kind of feeling was that, my belly felt full without eating when I mix and match all the clothes for the photoshoot.

Day 12 // Yeaaay, I had styling project today for Eid Day at a Moroccan Restaurant. The best part is I can eat lots of delicious middle east food for free.

Day 13 // I did not go anywhere, just stay at home and cooked from what is left on the refrigerator.

Day 14 // Went to traditional market to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and cheese. Preparing for Ramadan month.

Day 15 // Open some of online store and my heart stop beating when I am looking at a super cool silver necklace and another white sneakers at New Look. Oh please, Yulia!

Day 16 // Went to the mall with my friend, and I headed straight to New Look to see whether there is the white sneakers I saw on their website or not. I know, I know! I am about to make myself fail at the challenge. Could not be happier to know that the shoes is not there yet, while another shoes I saw on the website was already there. How is that possible? Ended up bought myself a box of date fruits and dozen of doughnut.

Day 17 // Tomorrow is Ramadan first day, InshaaAllah. I wish I could loose 4 kilograms during Ramadan. I also prepared some religious things to do for Ramadan. Bismillah.

Day 18 // First Ramadan. Ramadan kareem. I cooked for suhoor and ta'jil. Alhamdulillah.

Day 19 // Had a super lovely Ramadan dinner with my three of my housemate at Plaza Senayan. Breakfasting together with friends really means a lot to me, feels like I'm having another close family here eventhough I live far from my family.

Day 20 // Got a package from home. Filled with my favourite foods from Granny and Mommy. My Daddy also sent me a new external hard disk to replace mine that sometimes having trouble to read on any computer or laptop. Yeaaay, Alhamdulillah.

My toothpaste at the end of the challenge. Looks so flat, eh?

Day 21 // Gosh, I should be very careful that my toothpaste is almost out of stock T__T

Day 22, 23, 24, 25 // First time in life using toothpaste wisely.

Day 26 // I wonder why day 30 get so long. Still struggling with my toothpaste tube.

Day 27 // 30 June please coming real soon..

Day 28 // Well, I might survived with my toothpaste. I'm still brushing my teeth with a very little amount of them.

Day 29 // But...

Day 30 // I have to admit that I bought a Daniel Wellington watches 3/4 from the original price in a super big sale at They had buy 2 get 1 promo then me and two of my friend couldn't help ourselves but order our very own Daniel Wellington.

I have failed the challenge, I know. But I learned so much about managing money from the last challenge. Here the lessons I've got from the 30 days challenge:

  • Use things wisely. Sometime when we have something in a large amount we forget to use them wisely. Even when the things is almost out of stock, we don't really care about it. Because we can buy a new one. Doing 30 days challenge not buying anything new beside food and bus ticket made me think about how easy I buy something new when the supply is up just because I got the money on my wallet or inside the cards. Then I'm thinking about people who are less fortunate who have to wait for so long and work so hard to buy a toothpaste even to buy food. The concept for saving in my mind is just for money on the bank and energy such as water and electricity. I don't really skimp on toothpaste or soap or things that don't have certain measurement of usage. I just use them as much as I want. 
  • Be grateful for what we have. I have never really put attention that toothpaste and deodorant is soooo important for me. I just know they are important, I'll buy a new one before I run out of stock without realize how important they are. Be grateful for everything that you have, appreciate more small things. When I think I could beat the challenge because all I need is food to survive in this life, naaaa'h, I was wrong. I also need things like deodorant, toothpaste, my rent house, and "abang ojek" (motorcycle rent rider) to survive in social life.
  • Be more patient. Sometimes I put too many stock at home. Each time I go to a shopping place I often buy toiletries or food or stationary or anything while I actually need them one month from the time I bought them. I'm the type of person who is super afraid of running out of stock about everything. For example, I cannot see my phone credit at the number of Rp 30.000, I'll add my phone credit directly. While actually with that amount of credit I still can use it for like 10 days to buy a phone call package. Stock too many things at home for the sake of "just in case" is not good for my wallet actually, buying "important" things in the wrong time or when we don't in the urge of having it is the same like buying "unimportant" things and that means improvident!
  • Because I cannot buy anything new but the food, then I'm thinking too much about food. LOL. I had so many food to try or buy everyday in my mind which is not good because that is just the same with buying new clothes or whatever. 
  • On the day 4, I almost buy a cute sticker. Whole my life I have several things that I bought just because they are cute. Giirrrrlllls! Now I realize that I have to think twice or even thousand times before buying something cute. 
  • This challenge is amazing to keep me on track actually. Each time I open my wallet it seems like I had alarm screaming in my mind that someone open my wallet and I have to make sure that this someone is opening my wallet under my permission. This 30 days challenge really taught me how to be responsible for the things that I'm going to do.
I'm sure that I'll do this kind of 30 days challenge again and feel another sensation of high adrenalin when something is running out of stock and keep learning to use things wisely, more grateful for what I have, be more patient, and be responsible with my own properties.

PS: Read about the challenge here

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  1. woaaaa great post kak! thankssss for sharing, aku juga mau coba ah kak challenge nya soal nya aku juga sering boros soal belanja2 "baju" terutama hahaha :)

  2. @Sonya: haha, I hope you'll success doing the challenge darling :)

  3. Super cool!
    But imo paying your house rent is not buying something new, it's your responsibility, right.

    I ever live in a dorm for three years which is pretty far from my home. And I learned about 'use things wisely'there XD

  4. Well..aku juga sebisa mungkin ngga belanja selain makanan plus rent kalo lagi di sg hihi. unless mama dtg ke sg atau aku pulang jakarta :'D and yes i think by doing the challange can makes us keep on track more on our own budget.


  5. You wrote you failed the challenge, but in my opinion you made an impressive performance! :)


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