اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

O M G!

Finally I got my blog back. Gosh, I couldn't be happier! The last 5 months I couldn't upload pictures to my blog while my blog post mostly consist of lots and lots of pictures. It was so sudden and I didn't know why. Finally with some help I got my blog back. Thank you!

I think 2017 is the fastest year in my life so far. Maybe I feel that because I didn't upload any blog post since August 2017 so I felt like I had no life between August 2017 until now. Haha.

Actually countless things happened in my life. I'll share them one by one through my blog post insyaAllah. Through half of this year I spent my life reading and watching every single thing about zero trash, minimalist life, slow fashion, declutter, and things like that. I am obsessed with that kind of issues. I do really want to participate in environmental things and would love to take part in it by starting small with myself. Such as no more plastic bag for shopping, turn off unnecessary electricity, minimalist wardrobe, using cruelty free cosmetics, etc.

So today I start by cleaning up my makeup table. Apparently I had too many cosmetics to consume by my ownsel. I am not that hype makeup celebgram/vlogger/blogger. I couldn't imagine what happen to those people who had mountains of makeup in their life. Today I look at lipsticks on my makeup table and I feel sad because I know that I couldn't finish them all.

I often give cosmetics that I don't use to people around me because sometimes I am too lazy to take pictures of those comestics and sell them online. The problem is maybe those person actually doesn't need that cosmetics as well, and I make them collecting useless things as well. 

Next year I promise that I'll try not to have useless things that makes me feel guilty in my life. I have to take more responsibility on what I buy and consume.

So this is my makeup table before I clean it. Such a mess and some of the products there already expired and I didn't realize it and still using some of them. $&%* My makeup table is not so big so I really want to keep the things on it minimalist enough or at least I only keep things that really makes me happy on it.

I wiped every single thing that I want to keep, I checked the expire dates, and arranged things that I wanna keep back to its place. And I'm happy with the result. It's not perfect yet, I still keep more products than what I should keep but I believe that this is my process and I'll declutter more soon.

Below are the things that I throw away. Some of them because they are actually trash, some of them because they expired already. Some of them are my favorite beauty and skin care products and I really enjoy using them so I think I'm going to make short review about them.

  1. Sariayu Tissue Make Up Removal. I had 2 packs and both of them expired already. I got them in an event and planned to review it but I forgot to try them until I found the fact that its expired. 
  2. I throw it away because actually it's no longer look hygiene at all.
  3. I had too many mirror :(
  4. Sephora Natural Mascara - Actually I don't know whether it's expired or not but I feel like I already have it for ages. I love this mascara! I didn't use it for my eyelashes because the formula was not strong enough to keep my lashes on its perfect curl. No matter how long I try to curl my lashes, its always come back straight to its shape if I'm just using this mascara. So, I use this mascara for my brows and I love it because it makes my brows looks perfect but still looks very natural.
  5. Expired even I never use it :(
  6. Before I put this mini basket on my makeup table to keep small things such as buttons, pins, etc. But it ended up I put too many trash inside this mini basket.
  7. Useless receipt.
  8. Pictures that I dont want to keep anymore. I had too many pictures.
  9. Juara Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti Aging Serum - I looove this brand too much. This serum calming and healing my skin each time I put too many chemicals on my skin. This serum contains natural ingredients and it is cruelty free. I already use this serum almost a year and did not realized it expired at the beginning of this month while it still contains half of the product. I use one pump everyday and too affraid that I will run out of this serum someday because this serum is expensive enough for me (Rp 994.000,-).  
  10. Too Cool for School Dinoplate CC Cream and highlight - It is expired. I love this CC cream because it has dewy finish and very light in your skin. Read my complete review about it here.
  11. Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner - This is as well as the Juara serum that I mentioned above also calming and healing my skin. I love this toner so much though it's pricey as well Rp 459.000.- But I finish this bottle in one and half years. Fair enough ;)
  12. Wardah Optimum Hi Black Eyeliner - I like using this eyeliner to make bold eyeliner. Since I have oily eyelid, usually I ruined my eyeliner at the end of the day and leave ugly black mess around my eyes. 
  13. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - I love this mask but I don't know that this mask already expired last month so now I know why my skin currently got some acnes. Haha. Sad but it is my bad because I like this mask. I love using this mask because it's good in controlling oil on my face.
  14. Zoya Manggo Blush - I love the peachy color of this blush and sometimes I also use it as eyeshadow. 

Anyway, this decluttering process is so addicted. I'm thinking of what is the next thing that I want to declutter. I hope next year I can have a room full of joy and I know that I don't keep useless things around me.

What do you think about minimalist lifestyle, Guys?

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  1. I did declutter like, every single month. I didn't even realize it but things in my rooms are getting smaller in number and it's actually fun! Unfortunately, I don't have any enough brave to do it to my makeup stash because I still believe I can do other people's faces so.. yeah.

    1. Haha. See?? It's fun right. That's okay if you are not brave to declutter your makeup stuffs, I also find that it is a little bit difficult for me to declutter my wardrobe. Because it's my job as fashion stylist and hard for me to get rid some of my clothes because I might need it someday.


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